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Short description of Personal subscription plan

Personal subscription plan of Timesheet Validation service allows the online creation and validation of timesheets. The user may start creating timesheets right after the registration, filling-in the daily datas and sending validation request to the email address of the project manager.

The validation request message will contain a link to the online timesheet version. By clicking on it project manager will open the timesheet page where it is possible to add comments, display the last actions and validate the timesheet.

After the timesheet is validated by the project manager it becomes locked and is no longer editable.

Do I need to sign up to use the service?

To create your first timesheet you need to have an account. It's free. To sign up use the Sign up menu on the top of the page.

To validate a timesheet an account is not needed, project manager comes to the timesheet page by clicking on the link in a notification email.

How do I sign up?

Once on a sign up page fill-in your name, email address (which will become your username) and your password. You'll receive a confirmation email at the specified address with an activation link. Click on the link to start using the service.

How do I create a timesheet?

Select Dashboard from the main menu, you will be presented with a summary page. Click on Timesheets zone. Here is a detailed list of your timesheets and Add timesheet button that opens the Add timesheet form.

The form allows you to specify a project manager email and the timesheet start and end dates. Default value for the project manager email is copied from your previous timesheet, the dates are pre-set so that the timesheet is attached to the previous one. You may change all the default values to your convenience.

Once the form filled-in, click on Add timesheet button.

How do I fill-in the timesheet?

After submitting the Add timesheet form you are redirected to an empty timesheet page.

An empty calendar is displayed. To add the work unit click on a date. A popup window is opened where you provide the amount of time spent. There are predefined values (like 1 for a full day or ½ for a half day worked), or you may prefer to enter another rate, say 1,5 for an extra time. After submitting the rate appears on the calendar.

In case you need to fill all the working days of the timesheet with a specified rate you may use the Auto-fill button. Then in a popup window specify the rate which will be registered in all the working days of the timesheet that are not yet filled. After submitting that form the new work units will appear on the calendar.

To modify or delete a work unit click on the specic rate on the calendar, then on the link with rate description. The modification popup will let you modify or delete the rate.

How to request validation of my timesheet?

When your timesheet is ready click on Request validation button. A confirmation will be displayed before sending the validation request email to the timesheet project manager.

How the project manager validates my timesheet?

Project manager receives the validation request email with an invitation to check out and validate your timesheet. This message contains a link to the page with timesheet details.

Once on timesheet page, Validate timesheet button allows to register the validation and block the timesheet from further modification.

Comments section on timesheet page may be used for communications around the timesheet.

Is it possible to modify the validated timesheet?

In general, after the timesheet is validated by project manager it is sealed and no longer editable. This is a security measure which assures the customer that the work units added to the invoice are exactly those that were validated.

However, in rare cases when it may be necessary to revise the already validated timesheet, the Unlock timesheet button may be used. This operation will remove the validation from the timesheet, return it in editable state and send an email to project manager notifying that the timesheet was unlocked.

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